Mollusca and Annelida notes - Bio 111 - Spring 2008-1

Mollusca and Annelida notes - Bio 111 - Spring 2008-1 -...

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Survey of the Animal Kingdom Phyla Mollusca and Annelida Phylum Mollusca = molluscs - coelom is reduced (surrounds heart) - soft-bodied animals with mantle that secretes shell - external shell, internal shell, or no shell - open circulatory system - visceral mass of organ systems - foot (muscular) used for locomotion – sometimes modified in the form of tentacles - know these classes o Class Polyplacophora (chitons) o Class Gastropoda (snails, slugs, nudibranchs) o Class Bivalvia (clams, mussels, oysters) o Class Cephalopoda (squids, cuttlefish, octopus)
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Unformatted text preview: Phylum Annelida = segmented worms-bodies are segmented externally (by rings or annuli) and internally (by septa)-closed circulatory system-body wall with circular and longitudinal muscles-true coelom-complete digestive tract (mouth-pharynx-crop-gizzard-intestine-anus)-most have setae (small, bristle-like structures)-may have parapodia and/or clitellum-know these classes o Class Polychaeta (clamworms) o Class Oligochaeta (earthworms) o Class Hirudinea (leeches)...
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