Phyla Platyhelminthes and Nematoda notes - Fall 2007-1

Phyla Platyhelminthes and Nematoda notes - Fall 2007-1 - o...

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Survey of the Animal Kingdom Phyla Platyhelminthes and Nematoda Phylum Platyhelminthes – Flatworms - dorso-ventrally compressed bodies - bilateral symmetry - triploblastic: ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm - distinct anterior /posterior ends - gastrovascular cavity with one opening (like Cnidaria) - primitive sense organs - nervous system with ladder-like arrangement of nerve cords - three classes o 1. Turbellaria = free living flatworms o 2. Trematoda = flukes o 3. Cestoda = tapeworms Complete the following: Class Turbellaria o examine slides of Planaria (Dugesia) wm and cs o examine living Planaria o examine Planaria model Class Trematoda o examine slides (wm) of Opisthorchis (Clonorchis) sinesis = Human liver fluke o examine slides (wm) of Fasciola hepatica (sheep liver fluke) Class Cestoda
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Unformatted text preview: o examine slides (wm) of Taenia pisiformis (dog tapeworm) – note scolex and proglottid o examine model of tapeworm o examine preserved specimens of tapeworms Phylum Nematoda – Roundworms or nematodes-slender, long worms-cuticle covers outside = protection-pseudocoel = cavity between body wall and digestive tract (not fully lined with mesoderm)-complete digestive tract with 2 openings (mouth and anus)-only longitudinal muscles in body wall = produce characteristic whip-like movement Complete the following:-dissect and examine the anatomy of Ascaris lumbricoides (pig roundworm)-examine cross section sildes of Ascaris-examine slides (wm) of Trichinella spiralis larvae encysted in muscle-examine live vinegar eels...
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Phyla Platyhelminthes and Nematoda notes - Fall 2007-1 - o...

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