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Calhoun - Torts - Fall 2004 - Short outline

Calhoun - Torts - Fall 2004 - Short outline - Custom Res...

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Intentional Torts Battery: the prima facie case Offensive Battery, Assault, False Imprisonment, and Intentional Infliction of Mental Upset Privileges: Consent Self-Defense Defense of Property Necessity Causation Actual Causation Alternative Liability Concurrent and Successive Causes; Vicarious Liability Negligence The General Standard Duty Breach Cause (actual, proximate) Injury Defenses (contributory and comparative neg, assumption of risk) Special Rules of Proof Violation of criminal statutes
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Unformatted text preview: Custom Res ipsa loquitur Special Duties (possessors of land) Limitations on Liability (rescue) Proximate Cause Special Rules (mental/emotional upset, injury to personal relationships, economic loss) Contributory Fault and Assumption of the Risk (comparative neg) Products Liability Strict Liability Prima facie case for strict liability, and causation Affirmative Defenses Based on Plaintiff’s Conduct Instructions and Warnings Design Defects...
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