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Brookfield Viscometer Procedure

Brookfield Viscometer Procedure - 12 Be sure the spindle...

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Brookfield Viscometer Procedure 1) Plug in Brookfield to 110 Volt power supply. 2) Level unit by adjusting leg stands. The bubble should be centered. 3) Turn on the instrument. 4) Remove spindle from Brookfield and press a key. 5) Wait for calibration. 6) Obtain spindle #5 and attach. 7) Press any key. 8) Be sure to select #5 spindle by pushing SELECT SPINDLE (use the up down arrows) 9) Push SELECT SPINDLE 10) Repeat similar for RPM selecting SELECT SPEED. (use up down arrows) 11) Push MOTOR ON to start testing.
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Unformatted text preview: 12) Be sure the spindle does not touch the inside of the container holding the resin. (200g UP resin). 13) Set RPM to 2. Then test. 14) Once the readings are constant, record readings. 15) Repeat for RPM of 5 and 10. 16) Add 5PHR of SiO2. 17) Perform the above procedure. 18) Add 5 more PHR SiO2, test, then add another 5PHR then test. 19) MOTOR off shuts off the spindle. 20) When finished testing, clean spindle using acetone and put viscometer away....
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