Melt Flow Procedure - 16) Another beep signifies the end of...

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Melt Flow Procedure 1) Put encoder (thin rod) in up position. 2) Turn ON the computer. 3) Turn ON the Ceast melt flow module 18267[Large Red Button]. 4) Click On Ceast melt flow icon on the computer 5) When the program comes up click on the parameters icon and select the parameters for (LDPE 722), this will cause the barrel to start heating up. 6) After the barrel is heated up, Remove, clean, and replace the die. 7) Use mirror to verify that the die is in place inside the barrel. 8) Weigh 6 grams of the sample using analytical balance. 9) Enter name/title of the experiment. 10) Enter the operator’s name (group1). 11) Pour the sample into the barrel in 3 installments. After each installment is put inside the barrel, use the plunger to compact the sample. 12) Place 3.25g piston rod in the barrel on top of the sample. 13) Move 2 kg load into position by unlocking the load by pulling the knob. Continue. 14) Click <Continue> 15) After preheating for a certain period of time, the load contacts the encoder and a beep goes off to signify that the test is in progress.
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Unformatted text preview: 16) Another beep signifies the end of the test. 17) Load is automatically lifted. 18) Screens shows 8 data test points as pre-set and more detailed results are revealed using the green folder icon (top right corner of the screen). 19) Print the results. 20) Clean the piston, and barrel using cloth squares. 21) Clean the die using drill bit provided. 22) Plunge the barrel using cut cloth and plunger while the barrel is still warm. 23) Replace the clean die into the barrel. 24) Push the encoder down into secure position. 25) Replace all materials and return the lab equipment to original place. NOTE : If Modular unit does not turn on check the circuit breaker that is in the corner to the right of the Instron to see if it is tripped. If it is, reset the top breaker in the box. If the above does not work take the casing off of the rear of the unit and check the fuses. If fuse needs replaced, replace it with a 10 amp fuse....
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Melt Flow Procedure - 16) Another beep signifies the end of...

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