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Impact Test 1. Obtain 8 samples. (2 samples of 4 different types of material) and measure them 2. Notch 4 of the samples (so that each material has one notched and one un- notched specimen) (This can be done using the notching machine next to the TMI machine) 3. Turn on machine. (Green switch located on back of machine.) 4. Press ID on console Enter date 5. Press PENDL key on console. Choose ASTM Enter 10lb. (this is the weight of the pendulum) Release pendulum. (This calibrates the machine. Make sure to catch
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Unformatted text preview: pendulum after it has swung back, and then lock it back into place.) 6. Choose IZOD TEST. 7. Press Units key. • Ft-lbs/in 8. Press LIM • Set low limit of 1 ft-lb • Enter width. 9. Secure sample in clamp. 10.Press Test 11.Drop Pendulum and catch on back swing. 12.Enter Break Type. (complete, Hinge, or Partial) 13.Take specimen out of clamp. 14.If the next specimen has same width repeat steps starting at 7. If it has different width repeat steps starting at 6....
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