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Final Paper Assignment for RAZA 445 / WOMS 445 Gendered Borders: Latinas and Globalization Your assignment is to write a research paper on a topic related to the main themes of our course: Latinas and Globalization. You are free to choose any topic and develop a thesis statement about that topic. Community Service Learning (CSL): If you are doing CSL, you can roughly follow the same guidelines below for a research paper, but instead of referencing supplemental readings, articles, books, and other sources, you can draw mainly from your own field notes, observations, and reflections. You still need to develop a research question but to answer that question, you will use different and more limited sources – mainly your fieldnotes, observations, and reflections along with the required reading for our course. The main difference between a research paper and a CSL Analysis is the number and type of sources you cite. Another difference might be the length of the paper – a research paper may be longer than a CSL analysis. Finally, the CSL analysis should include information about and analysis on the agency you worked with and the volunteer service you did. Research Paper: Some of you have developed ideas about what you’d like to do and I encourage you to work with your ideas and try drafting a number of research questions that chart out how you might approach your topic in a final research paper. For those of you who are lost without more specific instruction, you are free to use one of the following suggestions or refer to it as a model of how you might frame a research question for a paper of this scope. As a very rough guideline, I would suggest an 8 page paper with numerous references to our required readings as well as a
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FinalProject445 - Final Paper Assignment for RAZA 445 /...

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