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Janet Newman [email protected] Office: HUM 228 415-338-2479 Office Hours: Wed 12:00-1:00 or by appointment BUSINESS 360 Section 4 Spring, 2008—Wednesday 16:10- 18:55 Prerequisites Email account, familiarity with the Internet and familiarity with Power Point. (If you do not have an account, sign up for one immediately at Academic Computing. If you are unfamiliar with the Internet, go to Academic Computing and arrange a tutorial.) Required Texts Ober, Scot, Contemporary Business Communication, Sixth Edition Alred, Gerald J. et al. , The Business Writer's Handbook Course Objectives The prerequisites for this class imply that you come as competent writers and speakers in the academy; this course is designed to translate these communication skills into the world of business. To do this, you will learn the differences between academic and business writing. You will become familiar with the most common business genres and learn to adapt them to fit the message you want to communicate. You will learn to identify and analyze your audiences so that you can appropriately choose tone, register and support. You will develop a theoretical framework for making strategic decisions and learn to implement communication skills that will generate individual learning and create an effective communication climate. You will learn to integrate written and oral communication skills, to use business writing principles and graphic tools effectively, and to use organizational and analytical skills to develop and present written and oral reports. Course Requirements Written Work (35%) The written word has always been and continues to be powerful. Those who can use it skillfully have access to power in our culture and those who do not find themselves at a disadvantage. Forty percent of your grade in this course will be derived from the written work you do in this class—reports, proposals, memos and so forth—which will give you a chance to apply what you have learned and give you an opportunity to gain valuable experience developing an effective style of written communication. You will have three major out-of-class assignments, a midterm and a final, and a number of written homework assignments. Please observe the following: Reports are to be submitted at the beginning of the class period on the day they are due. Papers not turned in within the first five minutes of class will lose one full grade (an “A” will become a “B”) and I will not accept any paper after the beginning of the next class period. If you fail to turn in a report at all for a given assignment, you will be assigned a grade of “F” for that paper. Reports must be typed on a computer or word processor and accurately proofread for spelling and other errors. Do not rely solely on ‘spell check.’ You should use computer graphics when appropriate and make sure the copy you turn in is neat and easy to read.
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I will not accept reports by email, in my mailbox or under my office door, unless by prior
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BUS 360 - Janet Newman [email protected] Office HUM 228...

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