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Unformatted text preview: Sean Larson ID# 21792768 Reaction Paper #4 Something we learned before the last exam struck me as interesting. The reason Im doing it now, is because we havent had one due since then. The milestones of development in a childs life are set by different ages. You cant put a classification of development to a persons age because they are always changing and developing over life, even if it is development in a negative sense, old age and slowed reactions. Yes, I know that a childs development and an elderly persons development are opposites but you can also say that they are the same thing. This is because as you grow, you develop new things over a certain time period and as you get older you start to lose those developments you made earlier in life. As children grow, they develop these skills they will use during their lives, but only in a progressive sense, you need to crawl before...
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