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Sean Larson ID 21792768 Reaction Paper #1 Therapeutic Touch The other day in class we watched a video on the concept of therapeutic touch and how it is used in the medical field. Patients say that it helps with their diseases, but how can they prove that? Are they only using this technique, or are they also using normal means of medicine, such as seeing a doctor and/or taking medication? Those are some questions that need to be asked to the patients of therapeutic touch so people can get a better understanding of how well it works. In the video a young child performed an experiment that I believe was great insight into how therapeutic touch shouldn’t be used, or taken seriously. People that practice and believe in therapeutic touch, channel energy through their bodies and into the patients while they withdraw all the negative energy from the patient’s disease. The experiment proved that this was wrong. If this energy transfer was actually true, then it shouldn’t matter if there is something blocking
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Unformatted text preview: the view of the examiner and patient. If you take this into consideration, then you can say that therapeutic touch doesn’t actually work at all. In fact, patients who have diseases, some of which may be life threatening, are being lied to and exploited because of what they have. It’s not fair to them because they could be spending their time and money on something that has been proven to improve the patient’s condition and sometimes even cure the disease. This is called modern medicine and it should not be overlooked nor chosen after therapeutic touch. You can’t call somebody that lies to their patients and misleads them a doctor because, a doctor will always reveal the truth to their patients and will use proven medications and techniques to help the patient. Therapeutic touch is just a way for people to exploit and take advantage of the sick and dying....
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