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Unformatted text preview: Sean Larson ID# 2179276 Reaction Paper #6 The other day in class we started to get into IQ and how each person has their own IQ. One of the topics that we started talking about, dealing with IQ, was the heritability of IQ and the differences of IQ in racial groups. If you go and say that IQ is heritable then aren’t you saying we should be equally as smart as our parents and our grandparents and so on? That’s not the case though. It may be heritable but there are also factors that play a role in what our IQ is compared to our parents and grandparents. They might not have had to deal with all of the violence in our streets and all of the other stresses that kids today are dealing with. Not to mention the area that people grow up plays a big role in how they are raised which effects the child’s IQ. If a kid grows up in a low income family, with a bad neighborhood and a bad school, child’s IQ....
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