thanksgiving - and olives and pre-dinner drinks The first...

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English Paragraph The shaky hands of my grandmother as I help her out of the car. Turing to help her up my front steps, and getting her into the house; The warmth coming from inside, where my mom makes turkey and sausage stuffing. Hugging her and then my grandfather. The dry kisses from their lips to my cheek; and the way that grandpa’s hugs only go half way around. My aunts and uncles most with my last name hunt for pickles,
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Unformatted text preview: and olives, and pre-dinner drinks. The first bite of the turkey straight form the oven, and how my mom only lets me have the succulent piece. The yelling of my mom as she prepares us for the feast. The soft prayer that my grandmother insists on, and how most of us have already broken the cardinal rule....
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