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Ecology: study of interaction of organisms with their environment, both abiotic and biotic Human population growth: hunter-gatherer, agricultural, industrial Ecosystems are determined by vegetation (grassland, shrubland, forest) Aquatic ecosystems are determined by depth, flow, or salinity (freshwater, marine, stream, lake, sandy beach, rocky shoreline) Rubisco is the enzyme that catalyzes photosynthesis Particles diffuse down the concentration gradient in stomatas; equilibrium never achieved but consistent gradient keeps for CO2 readily entering stomatas Rate at which CO2 enters is function of density and size of opening Saturation vapor pressure: max amount of water that can be held in a given volume of air; it is a function of air temperature Relative Humidity: Actual V.P. / Saturation V.P. * 100% Factors affecting rate of photosynthesis: Light, Nitrogen, Temperature, and Water (water and temp are related because the temp of the air influences relative
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