Freedom - Persons and Freedom December 5 2006 Review Friday...

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Persons and Freedom December 5, 2006 Review: Friday, 12-1:30 Most deeply held beliefs o Existence of God, the nature and source of evil, the difference between right and wrong, the moral authority of the state, what we can know, how the mind relates to the body, what a mind is, what it is to be free, What a person is (at a time or over time) Opinions and reasons o Philosophy is the replacement of opinions with justification… o Of habits of mind with discipline of mood… o And is heir to an ancient tradition of asking why. Where science ends… o We have no obvious way of settling these questions with empirical investigation o Yet they seem too urgent to “settle” by acquiescing in our dogmatic opinions, or taking someone else’s word for it o A more promising approach is to address these questions with common sense, clarity, and reasons. o This is one of the great challenges and inquiries of philosophy Science’s double edge o The development of natural science in the last four hundred years has produced astonishingly powerful results. o It also presents a picture of human beings as complex physical systems as much influenced by natural forces as anything else. o
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Freedom - Persons and Freedom December 5 2006 Review Friday...

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