Amino Acid Metabolism

Amino Acid Metabolism - C H A P T E R 16 AMINO ACID...

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186 C H A P T E R 16 AMINO ACID METABOLISM Nonessential Amino Acid Synthesis Essential Amino Acids Amino Acid Degradation Generalities of Amino Acid Catabolism Products of Amino Acid Degradation AMINO ACID SYNTHETIC ROUTE Ala From Pyruvate by transamination Glu From a -Ketoglutarate by transamination Asp From Oxaloacetate by transamination Gln Glu 1 NH 1 4 1 ATP R Gln Asn Asp 1 Gln 1 ATP R Asn 1 AMP 1 PP i 1 Glu Ser Glucose R hydroxypyruvate R Ser Glucose R phosphohydroxypyruvate R Ser Gly Ser 1 THfolate R Gly 1 CH 2 -THfolate Arg Glu R Glu-semialdehyde R ornithine R Arg Pro Glu R Glu-semialdehyde R Pro Tyr Phe R Tyr (phenylalanine hydroxylase, biopterin cofactor) Cys Met R homoCys 1 Ser R cystathionine R Cys NONESSENTIAL AMINO ACID SYNTHESIS
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16 Amino Acid Metabolism 187 The other nine amino acids are essential and must be taken from the diet. Notice that some of the amino acids require other amino acids for their synthesis. Exam questions usually center on whether or not an amino acid is essential and the metabolites that serve as precursors for specific amino acids. The complete catabolic pathways of the individual amino acids are a complex set of pathways that are probably not worth remembering in detail (this is obviously opinion). This doesn’t mean they’re not impor-
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Amino Acid Metabolism - C H A P T E R 16 AMINO ACID...

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