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A popular way to market a product is to provide it online with an e-business. Victoria’s Secret is a current example of e-business because it allows customers to shop its pages for items that they want and then buy them directly from the website. This increases revenue sales greatly since online users have a convenient way of getting to a product. Companies that sell products online are the most popular forms of e-business, according to Wells, Moriarty, and Burnett. It is also interactive in the sense that a customer is able to browse through sections of the website, much like they would in a store, and they can even search through clearance items, if desired. Models fill the pages of, and a popular advertisement now is that of swimsuit sales. Spring Break is a current holiday that brings in millions of dollars for Victoria’s Secret, and it’s surely helping that the models are beautiful, tan, and thin, wading around in water
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Unformatted text preview: by a beach. The website will hold Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual sale items, as well as any other special deals that the store will simultaneously have. Critically, Victoria’s Secret – whether it be the online outlet or the store itself – does not advertise for plus-sized girls. Many outfits will not fit a female if she happens to be larger than around a size 12. Although obesity is an unfortunate epidemic in the United States, it is still true that overweight individuals still shop for cute and sexy clothes. Victoria’s Secret would make even more millions if their target audience also happened to be that of the plus-sized figured women. Not one of the models on the pages of the official website look larger than a size 7, and that would convince a bigger girl to stay away from the store, unless she just wants to buy accessories like body spray, make-up, or jewelry. The clothing is almost out-of-the-question....
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