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Computer Music Sequencer 1. Performance Word Processor Converting Digital Audio Files 2. Lossless - full file 3. Lossy - redundant information removed; cannot be returned to original sound 4. MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface o Multi-timbral - System that can play several midi channels simultaneously o Sampled data (sounds in GarageBand, i.e.) can be both transmitted and received o Number of channels available - 16 Digital Audio 5. Can be copied over and over from one digital format to another without signal deterioration o Copying tapes in the past - copy first, second, third, etc generation from master 6. Sound o Frequency (sampling in digital audio)- rate at which an acoustic generator will repeat a cycle of positive and negative amplitude
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Unformatted text preview: o Amplitude(quantization) - distance above and below center line o Hertz - number of cycles occurring over the period of one second measured in hertz o AIFF - lossless audio file format developed by Apple o Mp3 - compressed audio format that is a lossy file o Audio frequency - sound that is within the normal range of hearing (20-20,000 cycles) o Digital compression - eliminates frequencies inaudible to the human ear CD 7. Sample rate: 44.1 kilohertz (Nyquist says sampling must be twice as high as the highest frequency sample; when frequencies above the Nyquist limit are introduced into the digital path, aliasing occurs) 8. DSP - Digital signal processing 9. 8x Oversampling - 8 times 44.1 Dithering 10. Minimizes distortion caused by quantization...
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