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According to the text in chapter 17, a sales promotion occurs “when a marketer increases the value of its product by offering an extra incentive to purchase a brand or product. In most cases, the objective of the sales promotion is to encourage action, although promotion can also help build brand identity and awareness.” In the case of Target’s website, promotions are listed by month and product type. This gives customers a ‘heads up’ by providing useful sales information. Everything listed is very specific
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Unformatted text preview: and detailed so that customers can really become familiar with the deals. Notice also that a customer can save 10 percent by obtaining a REDcard account. This, combined with the rest of the discounts, makes it seem as if the customer will get a great deal. However, often the discounts are too small anyway, and the customer still ends up paying a large chunk of money for a product he or she thinks is much cheaper....
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