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ANSWER KEY Practice Hourly FALL 2006 NAME:__________________________ BIO SCI 97 ID#:__________________________ Overall this exam is EASIER than the actual exam MULTIPLE CHOICE: There are 24 questions. Each question is worth 1 point. No points are deducted for a wrong answer. A table with the standard genetic code is at the end of the exam. 1. In eukaryotes, the enzyme responsible for transcribing all protein-coding genes is: A) RNA polymerase I B) RNA polymerase II C) RNA polymerase III D) DNA polymerase I E) DNA polymerase III 2. DNA gyrase promotes DNA replication because it: A) Breaks hydrogen bonds B) Prevents DNA from reannealing C) Primes DNA replication D) Creates DNA from a DNA template E) Relieves torsional stress 3. The pyrimidine bases are: A) Thymine and cytosine B) Thymine and guanine C) Adenine and guanine D) Cytosine and adenine E) Cytosine and guanine 4. Which of the following statements about meiosis are NOT true: A) Meiosis occurs in somatic cells B) Cells are haploid at the completion of meiosis C) Sister chromatids do not form chiasmata with each other D) Synapsis occurs after DNA replication E) Crossing over dramatically enhances the number of different gametes that can be produced 5. The central dogma is: A) Protein Æ DNA Æ RNA B) RNA Æ RNA Æ Protein C) DNA Æ Protein D) DNA Æ RNA Æ Protein E) DNA Æ RNA Æ DNA Æ Protein
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6. Which of the following is found uniquely in prokaryotes? A) Coupled transcription-translation B) Removal of introns C) 3’ polyadenylation D) mRNA capping E) Promoter sequences 7. Which of the following is true: A) DNA replication is bidirectional B) Okazaki fragments grow in the same direction that the replication fork is moving C) DNA helicase unzips the DNA D) DNA polymerase requires a primer
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PracticeHourly.BioSci97.FALL2006.AnswerKey - ANSWER KEY...

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