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ANSWER KEY Practice Midterm BIO SCI 97 (Sections B and C) Fall 2006 15 Questions (20 points total) MULTIPLE CHOICE (10 questions (1 to 10), 1 point each) 1. In UCLA undergraduates, the T gene significantly controls height. UCLA classifies their students as being “tall” if they are 6 feet or taller. In a genetics class at UCLA there were 20 homozygous TT individuals. Among these individuals, 15 were exactly 6 feet 2 inches tall. The other 5 individuals were exactly 5 feet 10 inches tall. What is the percent penetrance of the TT genotype, and does this genotype exhibit variable expressivity? A) 50% penetrance, variable expressivity B) 50% penetrance, no variable expressivity C) 75% penetrance, variable expressivity D) 75% penetrance, no variable expressivity E) 100% penetrance, variable expressivity 2. Lamar performs a genetic study on the trait of “Sleeping in lecture of Bio Sci 97”. The quantitative phenotype is the average number of minutes per lecture a student is sound asleep. He measures the genotypic variance of the class and determines that it is 4 (e.g. members of class all descended from John Irvine); the environmental variance of the class is 16 (e.g. variance in number of minutes slept at night). Assuming that the genotypic variance and environmental variance are independent, what is the heritability of this trait? A) 0.1 B) 0.2 C) 0.25 D) 0.5 E) 0.75 3. Jessica G. hypothesizes that the phenotypic ratio of round:wrinkled peas in a particular cross should be 1:1. The data from her cross is (12 round):(8 wrinkled) peas. What is the chi-square value of her data relative to her hypothesis? A) 0.1
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PracticeMidterm.BioSci97.FALL2006.AnswerKey - ANSWER KEY...

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