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Where to Start - C H A P T E R 1 WHERE TO START...

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C H A P T E R 1 WHERE TO START Instructions What Do I Need to Know? Instructions for Use Studying and Exams Trivia Sorter The first page of each chapter presents an index. A title-summary box for each section presents a short summary and memory jogger intended to be helpful for review. If you already know what the boxed terms mean and feel comfortable with them, don’t bother to read the text section that follows—proceed until you find a heading you don’t understand, and then read till you understand. The first rule (it may not really be the first rule, but it is a rule) is not to waste time reading things you already know. Keep on not reading the text until you find something you don’t understand—then read the text till you do. The sections are generally arranged in order of increasing complexity and build on previous sec- tions. So if you screwed up and jumped in over your head, back up a sec- tion or two. Another option is just to look at the pictures. Pictures and diagrams, if extensively annotated and carefully designed (by you), can be an enormous review aid. INSTRUCTIONS Read for understanding. Read only what you don’t know. Organize, organize, organize. 1
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Medicine and biology are becoming increasingly molecular in nature, so one answer to the question is that you need to know things down to the last atom. Everything is not the right answer. You can’t pos- sibly learn it all. Therefore, you will have to be selective. Another answer is that you just need to know the things on the exam. Later ends at the final. In reality, later may be longer than this. Try to pick out the major concepts of biochemistry as you go along. Concepts are generally easier to remember than factual details—particularly if the concepts make sense. General concepts don’t need to be memorized. Once you understand
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Where to Start - C H A P T E R 1 WHERE TO START...

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