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self assessment - Phy Sci 167 Self-Assessment After...

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Phy Sci 167 Self-Assessment After completing my body composition analysis, I was surprised that my measured percent body fat was as high as 29.9 %. This falls in the percent body fat range for people who are considered overweight, yet my predicted percent body fat was 24.6%, which is a normal value. As I am 62 inches tall and weigh 115 pounds, I do not appear to be overweight, but 29.9% (34.4 lbs) of my weight is fat. My body composition analysis suggests a target weight of 110.2 lbs with a target fat percent of 20%. After meeting with Dr. Bowerman to discuss my results, I realized that while I do not really need to lose or change my weight in numbers, I should try to increase my lean body mass, which will at the same time decrease my percent body fat. I can achieve this goal by taking part in some resistance training to help increase my strength and lean body weight. Predicted Body Fat: Fat(kg)= [{0.713(W/H^2)} – 9.74]H^2 My weight = 115.01 lbs => 52.1676 kg, height = 62.25 inches=> 1.58115m [{.713(52.1676/1.58115^2)}-9.74]1.58115^2 = 12.85 kg fat 12.85kg/52.1676kg = 24.6 % body fat According to my body composition analysis, for my basal metabolic rate, meaning if I were completely inactive, I would have to eat 1112 calories per day in order to maintain my weight. After calculating my food intake for three days, I calculated that I eat about an average of 1624.58 calories per day. This is a lot higher than the aforementioned 1112 calories, yet I am not gaining weight. My days are always very busy with class, work, and exercise, so I am always moving around and burning extra calories. I would most likely gain weight if I continued to eat just as much
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This essay was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course PHY SCI 167 taught by Professor Heber during the Winter '08 term at UCLA.

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self assessment - Phy Sci 167 Self-Assessment After...

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