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Eng Comp 3 4-2-08 Barbie Dolls When I first encountered the different opinion of Barbie dolls, I was hesitant to choose a specific side. I agreed with Hiliary Tham in ways that Barbie dolls in fact do give the reminiscence of the “American Dream” or the prejudices that we have forgotten. However I also agree with Marilyn Ferris Motz that Barbie portrays the idea of living life in glamour and how it rejects the truth about the real world. No doubt, as a young girl, I grew up playing with Barbie dolls. It helped me to create a perfect and happy life that a girl could ever have. Purchasing Kelly, who is the Barbie’s sister, helped me to fulfill my satisfaction of having a little sister since I only grew up with two big brothers. Surprisingly enough, it even gave me tips of how to take care of little babies or kids. It gave me some initiative to have a happy family like Barbie when I grow up and live the
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Unformatted text preview: “American Dream” as the perfect and beautiful girl. However, I remember as a little girl, I would be envious of Barbie’s life. Because she had glamorous sparkling clothes, re-mote control cars, toys, boyfriends, sister, and everything ‘perfect’ in her life, I would frequently turn envious of her lifestyle. I remember I would ask my parents for more clothes and the amazingly high tech toys that Barbie would have. I believe that my jealousy towards Barbie as a young girl helped me to inspire me even more to achieve the “American Dream” and live the lifestyle of Barbie. In that matter, I conclude that Barbie, overall, indirectly gives tint of hope to children to strive for the perfect life of Barbie and to achieve that as women....
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