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Construction of a LabVIEW Data Acquisition (DAQ) Program Robert J. Lichtenthal III Section 30 February 23, 2007 Abstract: This lab procedure served as an introduction to LabVIEW data acquisition software in which a LabVIEW VI program was created and tested. The VI program was composed of two layers: the Front Panel which allows a user to interact with the program by inputting control values and viewing collected data, and the Block Diagram which contains all the wires that control how the program actually works. Once the VI program was completed, it was testing using an oscilloscope that generated an AC voltage sine wave. Various aspects of this sine wave were measured including period, frequency, Nyquist frequency, and alias ratio at different scan rates. After comparing the results of these measurements at the various scan rates, it was determined that a faster scan rate, and thus more recorded data points, produced a more accurate graphical recreation of the input sine wave. The effects of clipping and the presence of aliasing are also discussed.
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Task One : At What Values of Scan Rate is the Result Distorted? In this task, the scan rate was varied from 50 points per second to 1600 points per second. The time frame was kept at a constant 0.1 seconds by varying the number of points sampled. The corresponding table of values generated is shown below in Table
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Bob Lab View - Construction of a LabVIEW Data Acquisition...

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