notes1127 - First intifadah / Palestinian uprising/ shaking...

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Arab-Israeli Notes 11/27/07 Israelis after 1967 war got very comfortable with acquired territories. Early 1969/1970 settlements 280,000 Israelis today live in settlements around 150 in the West Bank At the end of Carter’s admin less than 15,000 settlers Americans: settlements are obstacle to peace settlements built on state land but primary on arab land adds to notion by arabs that only thing jews are interested in is land Began never wanted to negotiate about west bank Settlements eroded at Israeli fiber When Israel withdrew from gaza society was grateful because it meant government realized gaza was a drain on Israeli economy
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Unformatted text preview: First intifadah / Palestinian uprising/ shaking off Palestinians use violence to get Israelis out of there lives, spread into pre-1967 Israelis Hamas 1988 Charter/Goals Says: not interested in recognition of Israel, all land west of Jordan river is Islamic 1991 Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait liberating Kuwait in order to liberate Palestine Arafat embraces this invasion This alienates rest of Arab states Which causes Arab states to punish Palestinians 12 Billion dollars in Palestinian assests seized never to be returned Madrid Conference...
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notes1127 - First intifadah / Palestinian uprising/ shaking...

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