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Arab-Israeli Conflict 12/6/07 What are the 5 major factors/ideas/events that changed the area of Palestine from the mid of 19 th century to present Ideology Nationalism Zionism Arab nationalism Religion Jews Islam Foreign of Involvement Impact of war [on geography] WWI create borders 1948 war (state of Israeli, arab refugees) 1967 war (create new borders) Resources Water, Oil Nature of Society Introduction of Title deeds to land 1850-1880s, gave people opportunity to acquire wealth, forced people to poverty, people with deeds became leaders of arab national moments, those who didn’t have them became improvised Occupation Conflict over Land
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Why did they get it not us? Why are we screwed Struggle over turf, What do you do with it, (if you have it, if you don’t, if you want it)
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Unformatted text preview: Political Culture Europeans United States Violence as a tool Access to funds Kindle, distain, prolong November 17 th (Balfour Declaration) 1967 War (Borders) 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement 1973-1979 September 7 th 1970 Nasser’s death, Sadat’s ascension to power, Assad takes over in Syria, Jordanian Civil War (sadat and assad take arab attitude towards Israel in radically different directions) WWII (catalyst in Israeli creation, arabs become dysfunctional) Israel-PLO recognition 1993 1977 Sadat goes to Jerusalem and Israeli political focus shifts 2005 Israel withdraw from Gaza Palestinians fragmentation Do unto others before others do upon you Acquiring power American engagement...
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notesdec6 - Political Culture Europeans United States...

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