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Arab-Israeli Notes December 11 th Annapolis- Transformations or Transactions Agreement on a common horizon—two states Disagreement on the details Any changes in sixty years? Distance Jews and Arabs have traveled in last 100 years Annapolis- Bush Should be “independent, democratic, viable Palestinian state. .” US would maintain its commitment to the security of Israel as a Jewish State. . to Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people Olmert said that negotiations should conclude with two states for two peoples, a peace seeking Palestinian state, a viable, strong, democratic and terror-free state for the Palestinian people and the state of Israel, Jewish and Democratic, living in security Bush and Olmert statement very similar; Israel and US special relations Annapolis-Abbas “the occupation of all Palestinian occupied territories… and to resolve ALL other issues relating to the
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Unformatted text preview: conflict especially the Palestinian refugees question in all its political, humanitarian, individual and common aspects, consistent with Resolution 194” Abbas didn’t “rip apart 194” not giving up refugee issue, Israel needs to end occupation west of Israel but not saying “Land of the Jewish people” After Annapolis, on novemebr 29, 2007 Saudi-Arabian paper “Jewishness of the state of Israel will in face provide the fuel for an eternal conflict between the Arabs and Muslims on the one hand. And the state of Israel on the other May have reached end to try to resolve conflict but now just manage it “Just because people have party doesn’t mean they like each other”- conferences/negotiations Arab-Israeli...
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