Chapter 2 focus questions

Chapter 2 focus questions - Psychology Chapter 2 Focus...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology Chapter 2 Focus Questions 1. How did Hans give the appearance of answering questions, and how did Pfungst unveil Hans methods? He answered the questions from responding to the head being moved down by the observer to look at his hoofs to start tapping. Then he stopped after the person counting made a motion that revealed that he was correct. He just observed what was going on. 2. How are facts, theories, and hypothesizes related? A fact is observation of objectiveness that everyone believes is true. Facts in psych are behaviors or pattens of behavior. Theory is an idea that explains the facts and makes predictions about new facts that can be disovered. Hypothesis is an prediction about new facts from the theory.Facts to theories to hypothesis to facts. 3. How does story illustrate value of skepticism, controlled experimentation and need for researchers to avoid communication their expectations to the subject? We all believe things that cant happen are happening. Look for things that we are unsure about and look carefully. Control conditions in which they make observations so as to rule out alternative explanations. 4. How can experiment prove that cause-effect relation between two variables? If all other variables are kept same, only independent variable is changed, and any change in dependent variable is caused by the change in the independent variable. 5. What were independent and dependent variables in Hans? Independent var was presence of blinders. Dependent was % of questions horse answered correctly. 6. What were variables in DiMascios experiment on depression treatments? Why were they randomly assigned? Independent was treatment given and dependent was degree of depression after 16 wks. To not produce bias in experiment and to see what exactly caused depression after 16 wks....
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Chapter 2 focus questions - Psychology Chapter 2 Focus...

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