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Notes 11.15 - Notes Stages of Arab-Israeli negotiations...

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Notes November 15, 2007 Stages of Arab-Israeli negotiations? Peace-seekingj Peace-making Peace-keeping One power, or many to 1947: Great Britain 1947-1969: UN and great powers 1969-1991: US 1991-Present: US and Europe 2002-present: US and Europe and Quartet Soviet Union not seen in negotiations Constant has been influence of great power The United States although Israeli best friend it is trusted the most by arab states because of economy!? Government?! Even despite relationship with Israel, arab states look to USA to power negotiations Is arab-israeli in US interests? We are now in the stage of peace-making and peace keeping for the first time all outside parties agree and will provide economic and political assistance You can’t have peace unless all regional actors agree Why negotiations have succeeded 1. Spark comes from the region 2. Strong and willful political leaders- vision/courage 3. Definite national interests enchanced
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