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notes oct30 - “Détente is the mitigation of conflict...

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Notes 10/30 October 1973-October 1981 US plays the biggest role This is because of Kissinger 73-79’ US Presidents engage in conflict (Kissinger, Carter) Things move forward 80’-88’ when Reagan isn’t involved conflict just stagnates Kissinger-who was he? Dominated by competition with USSR used Israel vs Arabs to smudge Moscow At outset knew little about inter-arab politics Clever secretive and brilliant Goals: in 73’ war avoid Egyptian defeat, prevent Israel’s defeat, avoid a super power confrontation, and sideline USSR in negotiations 1973-1976 Tugging at Sadat, necessitated pushing Israel to withdraw more from Sinai
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Unformatted text preview: “Détente is the mitigation of conflict among adversaries, not the cultivation of friendship”- Kissinger attitude after and before 73’ war Why did Sadat go to war? “His decision to go to war was precisely to get what he wanted, namely, a negotiation, stated with the Americans.” –Joe Sisco Under secretary of state for political affairs By contrast said syria’s foreign minster at the time Abd al-halim khaddam “for Syria, it was a war of liberation, not a war of movement.” 1973 War Oil prices sky rocket...
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notes oct30 - “Détente is the mitigation of conflict...

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