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wrc1013povertyoutline - b Climate – no good to farm c Dry...

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Jennifer Yu WRC 1013.108 Thesis: Poverty in Africa has surpassed any other continent’s desperation for help to end this modern day widespread plague. Hope seems to be lost amongst the myriad of problems that Africa faces as poverty is being battled in attempt to stop the AIDS epidemic and terror of radical groups, but there is only so much that could be done as the corruption of governments and lack of natural resources hinders Africa from reaching their full potential. I. Introduction II. Lack of natural resources a. Geographic location
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Unformatted text preview: b. Climate – no good to farm c. Dry land d. Shortage of food – malnutrition III. AIDS epidemic a. Lack of sex education b. Too much unsafe sex c. Culture of “flesh on flesh” d. High orphan rate IV. Terror groups a. Genoside b. Invisible Children efforts and other groups likewise c. Government is not giving aid it needs to offer V. Government corruption a. Lack of good political leaders b. Lack of democracy c. Establishment of government not well grounded d. Leaving the people of the countries behind VI. Conclusion...
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