HDFS 233 Notes for midterm 2

HDFS 233 Notes for midterm 2 - Inherited: refers to those...

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Inherited : refers to those characteristics that are directly transmitted from genetic combinations from the parents. Child care and development block grant: federal funds made available to the states since 1991, to improve quality and availability of child care. Journal: notes for the individual. In early education, used to document individual progress of children and teacher. Pedagogy: Related to the study and teaching of children. Separation distress of anxiety: The process of learning to be apart from the attachment partner. A developmental task of toddlerhood. Surrogate: Substitute, as in surrogate mother. In loco parentis: serving in the place of parent or guardian. Forgone annual wages: those additional amounts that practitioners could have earned annually in another occupation, with comparable education. Why teach? (Appealing profession. . at first, 1 in 5 don’t make it through freshmen year, 40% don’t finish their bachelors in 6 years, Many more change minds, 60% of HDFS freshmen want to teach, drops to 35% by junior and senior year.) Motivators : Enjoyment of children , Enjoy working with people, Making a difference in children’s lives , Supporting the lives of families, Make a contribution to society (Helping professions Influence beyond the classroom- ripple effect), Need for variety and challenge (Never bored, No two days are the same), Opportunities for growth (New skills, new knowledge, never stop learning), Teacher need and flexibility (Growing job sector), Autonomy (Certain amount of preordained structure, Follow own inclinations- the art of teaching), Other (Easy entry, inclusiveness, long summer vacation). Perry preschool project ( Experimental design) 123 young African American kids, living in poverty and at risk of school failure, Randomly assigned to initially similar program and no program groups, Children participated din their own education. Plan-do-review, High scope form, Longitudinal study (over time: findings after 40 years), More high school graduates, Made more money, More employed and higher earnings, Fewer arrests, Better health, Large return on investment. 54% Projected job growth.
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HDFS 233 Notes for midterm 2 - Inherited: refers to those...

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