Soc 204 study guide for final

Soc 204 study guide for final - Four dimensions of...

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Soc 204 study guide for final Definition of Globalization and how it relates to mcdonaldization. Rationalization: more structured, easy to make sense of. Irrationality of rational: designed to be efficient, etc. but it really isn’t. it’s not exactly ordered, structured, and set rules. Conflict theory: Marx: mode of production (the drive of the economy), and iinequality. Functionalism: Durkhiem: human body (body parts serve a function). Know mechanical and organic. Interactionism: Goffman the world’s a stage. How one feels toward the system of mcdonaldization. -cages Rubber cage: like some things and don’t like others. Iron cage: Webber thought of it. It’s bad. Doesn’t like it. Disenchantment and dehumanizing. Some of the ways human birth and death have been mcdonaldized: birth control, sex- selection, hospitalized, C-sections (pick the day your babies born). Death” 20% in hospital, 65% in nursery homes.
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Unformatted text preview: Four dimensions of mcdonaldization 1. predictability 2. calculability 3. efficiency 4. control Ritzer thinks mcdonaldization is still increasing. Post-industrial society. Because of globalization, more people around the world have adopted the mcdonaldized concept. Movements can help keep big chains out. Prevent wal-mart and such from coming in so the local corporations dont get bought out. Question 9) from the study guide: long lines, higher costs, health risks, animal cruelty. Theyre providing all this food but is it really rational? Bureaucracy: working your way up the structure. Bureaucracy is supposed to be more efficient. Know: the history of sociology, and definitions of sociology. Soc-seeing the strange in the familiar, Nacirema article. Where biography fits into history. Mcdonaldization of birth and death slides (from lecture, mcdonaldization part 2) know numbers...
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Soc 204 study guide for final - Four dimensions of...

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