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Unformatted text preview: STAT 210 FOCUS EXERCISE 8 Initial response due: Monday, October 30 Second response due: Monday, November 6 1. Read the section on sampling distributions in the supplement (pages 159 – 168). List the assumptions that must be satisfied in order for the theory on sampling distributions to be valid. There must be a simple random sample, and population mean and standard deviation must be known. For each of questions 2, 3, and 4 describe in as much detail as possible the sampling distribution of the statistic indicated. 2. It is known that 52.6% of students in state-supported institutions are female. A simple random sample of 94 students in state-supported institutions is selected, and of interest is p ˆ = the proportion of this sample of 94 students that are female. n = 94 pi = 0.526 sd = 0.052 P~N (0.526, 0.052) 3. The ages of alumni from Virginia International University is skewed fairly heavily to the right with a mean of 40.3 years and a standard deviation of 5.9 years. Dr. Isa Sarac, President of VIU, selected a simple random of 40....
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