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14a_Religion_and_Everyday_Life Religion and Everyday Life You can take notes in Word as you listen to the audio files. Be sure to save the page when you finish. Audio File (running time: 27:47) 1. Play this mp3 file from your audio folder Use this link only if you've transferred audio files to your computer from a CD . 2. Play this streaming REAL audio file You can listen to this lecture online with your media player. 3. Download & play this mp3 file There are several ways of saving and accessing these downloads. Lecture part 1 In the first part of this lecture, I focus on two books by Karen Armstrong: The Battle for God (2000) and A History of Go d (1993). In these books, she provides a broad perspective about the major monotheistic (one God, rather than multiple gods) religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam . Armstrong says that today we are undergoing an important transition. The roots of this transition can be found in an earlier era. What was it? What was happening at that time? 16TH/17TH CENTURIES, TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE, INDIVIDUALISM. She says, "We tend to assume that people of the past were more or less like we are today." But she says that, in reality, they were very different. She writes that, in earlier eras, people had two ways of thinking that they believed to be essential and compatible: a religiously symbolic and a scientifically rational way of understanding the world. What are the key features of each way of thinking? How are they important? BOTH ARRIVE AT TRUTH. ONE LOOKS BACK, ONE LOOKS FORWARD. Armstrong looks back at how this problem developed. She says that if you look at Europe from
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14a_Religion_and_Everyday_Life -...

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