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07a_Consensus_and_Private_Interest_Perspectives "Consensus" and "Private Interest" Perspectives on Stratification You can take notes in Word as you listen to the audio file. Be sure to save the page when you finish. To select any of the links below, hold down CTRL and click with your mouse. These links do not work in WordPerfect. Audio File (running time: 13:42) 1. Play this mp3 file from your audio folder Use this link only if you've transferred audio files to your computer from a CD . 2. Play this streaming REAL audio file You can listen to this lecture online with your media player. 3. Download & play this mp3 file There are several ways of saving and accessing these downloads. The "consensus" doctrine is close to MODERNIZATION THEORY and suffers from some of the same problems. (I introduced the consensus doctrine in chapter one.) The liberal variant of the "private interest" doctrine emphasizes ADVANTAGES OF FREEDOM, BENEFITS OF FREE COMPETITION . How is education related to this approach? (In chapter
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07a_Consensus_and_Private_Interest_Perspectives -...

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