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07b_Income_Inequality_among_Nations Income Inequality among Nations You can take notes in Word as you listen to the audio files. Be sure to save the page when you finish. Audio File (running time: 21:57) 1. Play this mp3 file from your audio folder Use this link only if you've transferred audio files to your computer from a CD . 2. Play this streaming REAL audio file You can listen to this lecture online with your media player. 3. Download & play this mp3 file There are several ways of saving and accessing these downloads. Why In the West? Lecture part 1 Here, I'll add additional detail to a question that I posed in the textbook: "Why are some countries so much better off than others?" In the book, I write about three kinds of factors: (1) environmental factors, (2) institutional factors and (3) contemporary relations among countries. One way to approach this question is to pose it this way: "What accounts for the spectacular rise of the West, relative to the other countries of the world, since about the year 1800?" Peter F. Drucker's book Post-Capitalist Society (1993) provides insight into this subject. In the book, Drucker points out that every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. In the 13th century, the European world, almost overnight CAME TO BE CENTERED IN CITIES. . Then came the Renaissance, peaking between 1470 and 1500. The next transformation began in
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