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The data should be recorded to 001s student must try

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the student’s hands. The data should be recorded to 0.01s. Student must try to keep the amplitude of the pendulum swing consistent, even if it means restarting. Next the students will use all of the data to compute the mean value of the period and the standard
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deviation of the mean., using the formulas x= Σ n i=1 x i /N where N=number of trials and σ=sqrt(Σ n i=1 (x i -x) 2 /N). Next the students must plot a histogram. In order for a student to do that, they will need a “bin” number. To get that they will divide the range of measured values into ten intervals otherwise known as bins. Firstly divide the range of measurement by 10((data point max-data point min)/10). Next the students must figure out the last column of data with the analytical formula for the normal distribution, which is only valid for large number of measurements, n=N 0 exp{-(t-T) 2 /2σ2), where t is the mean value and N 0 corresponds to the peak of the distribution curve, which occurs at t=t. Then plot this function on the same graph to observe how well their measurements approximate the ideal distribution. After plugging in all the formulas and graphing the two histograms on the same scatterplot our curve is not exactly “normal” but it is pretty close to a bell-shaped curve, which is considered “normal.” Unfamiliar Terms : Standard Deviation :   a measure of dispersion in a frequency distribution, equal to the square root of the mea of the squares of the deviations from the arithmetic mean of the distribution. (dictionary.com)
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The data should be recorded to 001s Student must try to...

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