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Avoid an issue with plagiarism and dont cut paste

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Avoid an issue with plagiarism and don’t cut & paste entire paragraphs into your assignment paper. When citing, you will typically “not” paste an entire paragraph of someone else’s work and expect it to be taken as your original response to any question. Citing will typically consist of bringing in a sentence or two that would back up your writing with stats or facts and can also be a definition . 3) Provide at least 2 - 3 references on your reference page that are setup in APA format . (this could include our ebook, the website for the company of focus and an additional website used for research on the company you are writing about) 4) Don’t include the numbered questions in your written response or unrelated text that may be provided in the Tips & Template or Success Strategy guides. 5) You will use 1” margins , double space , indent when starting a new paragraph (no extra spaces need between paragraphs) and use 12 pt. Times New Roman Font . 6) You may want to refer to the unit seminar slides (available in doc sharing) to ensure you touch on all the major concepts related to the question you are asked to respond to. 7)
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