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Comparison of modes ltl vs tl traffic intermodal

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Comparison of modes LTL vs TL traffic Intermodal transportation Different types of transportation specialists and the services they can provide Transportation regulation Legal classifications of carriers Chapter 13 – Transportation Management Rate determination Terms of sale on page 247 Modal and carrier selection Bill of lading Freight bill Consolidating small shipments Demurrage and detention Routing Tracing and expediting Chapter 2 – Logistics and Information Technology Figure 2-1 General types of information management systems and logistics examples Understand the technologies of EDI, RFID, TMS, WMS and ERP How has the internet influenced logistics? Chapter 14 – International Logistics Macro-environmental influences on international logistics International documentation Terms of Sale EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR,CPT, CIF, CIP DES, DEQ, DAF, DDP and DDU Methods of Payment Different types of international trade specialists and the services they can provide Transportation considerations in international logistics Logistics Performance Index (LPI)
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