A slots to the Testing in production blade B a performance test C a WebJob D

A slots to the testing in production blade b a

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A. slots to the Testing in production blade B. a performance test C. a WebJob D. templates to the Automation script blade Answer: A Explanation: Besides swapping, deployment slots offer another killer feature: testing in production. Just like the name suggests, using this, you can actually test in production. This means that you can route a specific percentage of user traffic to one or more of your deployment slots. Example:
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References: QUESTION: 149 You have an Azure Service Bus. You need to implement a Service Bus queue that guarantees first in first-out (FIFO) delivery of messages. What should you do? A. Set the Lock Duration setting to 10 seconds. B. Enable duplicate detection. C. Set the Max Size setting of the queue to 5 GB. D. Enable partitioning. E. Enable sessions. Answer: E Explanation: Through the use of messaging sessions you can guarantee ordering of messages, that is first-in-first- out (FIFO) delivery of messages. References: - service-bus- queues-compared-contrasted
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