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Thesis Final Report (long)

Q do u come here alone or with someone a i mostly

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Q: Do u come here alone or with someone? A: I mostly come with my mom and I prefer having someone with me as company. Q: What kind of items do u purchase from here? A: I usually buy jeans, shirts, night wear is really good here, like PJ’s and cute baby stuff. Q: Did u prepare a list before coming here? A: Usually I;m very focused, like I know what I need to buy, but then u look around and get tempted and end up buying things that u haven’t really thought of Q: Do u come here with a pre defined budget? A: You cant really do budgeting for Sunday market b.c so much of impulse buying is done here, plus at time u end up buying a lot of things ant at times u end up buying nothing. Like today I’ve already spent around 4k for shopping Q: Do u live close by or come from far away? A: I come from Defence phase 1 Q: Do u prefer used closed or unused or are u indifferent about it? A: I don’t really have a preference, I’ve been wearing Sunday bazaar clothes since quite a while. I wash them out really well. Q: DO u also buy from grocery from here? A: No grocery I generally don’t buy from here cuz that’s more incidental, as and when required. So I don’t come here specifically for grocery, but if at that time I need a few items I do purchase them. Q: Do you know that there is a rate list for that section? A: No I have no idea about that. Respondent # 11 Gender: Male Income Bracket: Age bracket: Early 20’s Profession: Q: How often do u come to Sunday market? A: I come here twice a month on an average Q: Do you come from far away or do you live close by? A: I live in PECHS, so it takes me 20 mins to get here. Q: What is ur purpose of coming to Sunday market? A: I come here with my friends for a good time, no hard core shopping but if “chaltay phirtay” I like something then I will buy it. 76
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Q: What kind of items do u purchase from here? A: Any thing I like could be a decoration piece, a painting, jeans or shoes etc. Q: Do u bargain when u shop? A: Not really on items like decoration and painting, but on stuff like jeans I do bargain a bit. Q: So if the shopkeeper quotes a price of 1,000 for a pair of jeans, so how low will u bring the price to? A: 1,000 rupees is insane for a pair of jeans, so I would bring him down to 300-400 max, not more than that. Q: How do you evaluate the worth of an item? A: It mostly depends on the brand and make of the item like if it’s a Zara shirt made in UK. Q: How do u start off with ur bargaining? In a soft way or harsh way? A: I start off in a soft way, if he doesn’t agree then o become a bit harsh, even then if he doesn’t agree, I quote my final price and then walk off if he’s not interested to sell. Q: DO you have a preference of unused items over used items? A: I’m not very finicky about it, if it’s a used one I just wash it in dettol to sterilize it.
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Q Do u come here alone or with someone A I mostly come with...

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