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Arrange and group the relevant data to enable you to

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Arrange and group the relevant data to enable you to present them meaningfully. In the presentation of your answer note that each answer must have four basic subsections, namely: o Title . Your assignment must have a title to show whether or not you have understood the question properly. o Table of contents . Always include a table of contents by listing the headings and subheadings of your assignment. o An introduction that demarcates the subject. In the case of a question that has to be interpreted before you answer it, you may define and reformulate the question in your own words in your introduction to show what you understand it to mean and how you intend answering it (but take care that you do not change the meaning of the question). Note that there should be only one introduction for the assignment as a whole and not one per question. o A discussion of the questions, which comprises an interpretation and logical explanation of the data collected. A logical explanation means that the information should be subdivided into sections, which should have appropriate headings and subheadings. o A conclusion, which contains a summary of your arguments and (where necessary) states your conclusions. If possible, giver your own opinion, since this adds to the value of your answer. Again, there should only be one conclusion at the end of your assignment and not one per question. While answering the question you should continually ask yourself if you are on the right track and not just summarising the tutorial letter. Your assignments must show that you have completely mastered all the prescribed tutorial matter. In other words, you must be able to identify the sections of the tutorial matter that are relevant, analyse it with insight, express it in your own words and illustrate your discussion with suitable examples. Do not commit plagiarism by simply regurgitating the prescribed tutorial matter or material from any other source. Your assignments must be your own work and if you quote or paraphrase information, please acknowledge the sources. 2. Technical presentation Your assignment must have a title. Use headings and subheadings that are properly numbered. This will not only help you to arrange your thoughts, but will also enable the reader to grasp your reasoning more easily. It is recommended that you use the following classification and numbering system: Use the decimal classification system up to four decimals, alphabetical classification for the fifth level and small Roman numerals for the sixth level, for example: (a)(iii).
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44 3. Source references and the bibliography for assignments When you use direct or indirect quotations from the literature you must provide a source reference in the text. We suggest that you use the Harvard method for this purpose.
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Arrange and group the relevant data to enable you to...

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