Environmental degradation caused by human activity c

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Unformatted text preview: environmental degradation caused by human activity C. compare the effects of human activity on salmon populations with the effects of natural disturbances on salmon populations D. differentiate the particular effects of various human activities on salmon habitats E. describe how environmental degradation can cause changes in salmon populations that extend beyond a numerical reduction Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q10: It can be inferred from the passage that the occasional failure of some salmon to return to their natal streams in order to spawn provides a mechanism by which 20 A. pristine streams that are near polluted streams become polluted themselves B. the particular adaptations of a polluted stream’s salmon population can be preserved without dilution C. the number of salmon in pristine habitats decreases relative to the number in polluted streams D. an environmentally degraded stream could be recolonized by new salmon populations should the stream recover E. the extinction of the salmon populations that spawn in polluted streams is accelerated Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q11: According to the passage, human activity has had which of the following effects on salmon populations? A. An increase in the size of salmon populations in some previously polluted rivers B. A decline in the number of salmon in some rivers C. A decrease in the number straying salmon in some rivers D. A decrease in the gene flow between salmon populations that spawn in polluted streams and populations that spawn in pristine streams E. A decline in the vulnerability of some salmon populations to the effects of naturally occurring habitat destruction Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q12: The author mentions the “aftermath of the Mount Saint Helens eruption” (lines 73-74) most likely in order to A. provide an example of the process that allows the repopulation of rivers whose indigenous salmon population has become extinct B. indicate the extent to which the disturbance of salmon habitat by human activity in one stream might affect the genetic structure of salmon populations elsewhere C. provide a standard of comparison against which the impact of human activity on the gene flow among salmon populations should be measured D. show how salmons’ homing instinct can be impaired as a result of severe environmental degradation of their natal streams E. show why straying rates in salmon populations remain generally low except when spawning streams suffer severe environmental disturbance Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q13: In the United States, of the people who moved from one state to another when they retired, the percentage who retired to Florida has decreased by three percentage points over the past ten years. Since many local businesses in Florida cater to retirees, this...
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environmental degradation caused by human activity C...

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