You develop Azure solutions You must connect to a No SQL globally distributed

You develop azure solutions you must connect to a no

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QUESTION 2 You develop Azure solutions. You must connect to a No-SQL globally-distributed database by using the .NET API. You need to create an object to configure and execute requests in the database. - Free Questions & Answers - Online Courses - Convert VCE to PDF -
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Which code segment should you use? A. new Container(EndpointUri, PrimaryKey);B. new Database(Endpoint, PrimaryKey);C. new CosmosClient(EndpointUri, PrimaryKey);Correct Answer: C Section: [none] Explanation Explanation/Reference: Explanation: Example: // Create a new instance of the Cosmos Client this.cosmosClient = new CosmosClient(EndpointUri, PrimaryKey) //ADD THIS PART TO YOUR CODE await this.CreateDatabaseAsync(); Reference: - started QUESTION 3 DRAG DROP You are developing a new page for a website that uses Azure Cosmos DB for data storage. The feature uses documents that have the following format: You must display data for the new page in a specific order. You create the following query for the page: You need to configure a Cosmos DB policy to the support the query. How should you configure the policy? To answer, drag the appropriate JSON segments to the correct locations. Each JSON segment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. NOTE:Each correct selection is worth one point. Select and Place:
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