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4 how can rflp analysis be used to identify whether

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4. How can RFLP analysis be used to identify whether an individual carries the sickle cell trait? 5. Create a chart with the following DNA technologies along with a description of how they work and their uses: a. Gene cloning b. Recombinant plasmids c. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) d. Gel electrophoresis 6. How is DNA technology being used in the following disciplines? a. forensics b. medicine c. environmental clean-up d. genetically modified foods 7. Discuss two examples of genetically modified organisms (GMO). What is the purpose of the genetic modification in each of your examples. Past Free-Response Questions: 1995: The diagram below shows a segment of DNA with a total length of 4,900 base pairs. The arrows indicate reaction sites for restriction enzymes (enzyme X and enzyme Y). || || || || \/ \/ \/ \/ |------------------------------------------------------------------- (A) Explain how the principles of gel electrophoresis allow for the separation of DNA fragments.
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AP BIOLOGY 2 (B) Describe the results you would expect from the electrophoretic separation of fragments from the following treatments of the DNA segment above. Assume that the digestions occurred under appropriate conditions and went to completion. I. DNA digested with only enzyme X II. DNA digested with only enzyme Y III. DNA digested with enzyme X and enzyme Y combined IV. Undigested DNA (C) Explain both of the following.
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