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With stark it would be good to involve him in the

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to be able to sell certain changes that are happening within the company to clients. With Stark, it would be good to involve him in the process and show him how implementing these changes will be good for him. Tom Green, a subordinate of Browning, is a dilemma of his own, because while he can be a link to many other employees within the company, he is not very capable at his job. As an invaluable information source, Green can also be helpful in convincing and communicating with employees, so it may be best to keep Green as a valuable asset, but possibly offering him training in order to perform his tasks better. Qualities in a Successful Change Agent Peter Browning has obviously been an effective change agent before, but the situation at White Cap is vastly different and instigating change in an environment that is so rooted in its habits is bound to be tricky. Browning seems to be a very capable individual who could be the successful change agent that the company needs. As a highly educated and hard-working individual, he has the qualities that are often seen in a successful change agent. He is also very aware that a misstep could mean disaster in this situation. A successful change agent should realize that planning over applying is the most vital step for any individual and that is why every aspect of the problem should be
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explored and many alternatives should be considered when researching into the heart of the issue. Focusing purely on measurable results will not fulfill the type of change that White Cap needs and will cause the company’s future to hang precariously in the balance, stuck in its traditions will being pushed to the point of financial disarray.
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