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This clear account displays the scarring impact that

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forward flat on his face, stone dead, almost on top of me.” This clear account displays the scarring impact that occurs from fighting in battle. The poem “In Flanders Fields” by Lt. McCrae accentuates the themes of gratitude and dignity, despite the disheartening tone. Although it focuses on the death toll that incurred as a result of this ongoing war, the underlying objective is to allow readers to recognize the value of these personal burdens made in order for everyone else to enjoy living in freedom. Lt. McCrae wanted his audience to realize that him and thousands of others had lost almost everything for the sake of his country’s happiness. Without actually being present during battle scenes or hearing true accounts of men who fought in this war, one would never have a genuine appreciation for nationalism. Unity and harmony would not have been possible if soldiers defending their respective countries did not make such immense sacrifices. Both this and hardships made by these men can easily go unnoticed. Henceforth, in order to attain ultimate pride and adoration for one’s nation, understanding the history that allowed man to reach that point is essential.
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