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Upper paleolithic revolution started 40000 50000

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Upper Paleolithic revolution: started 40,000-50,000 years ago -sophisticated culture -material evidence for interaction like stone tools!!!!!! -you get more replaceable stone blades which is a lot more efficient. -diversity of tools because of more preservation -using different kinds of types of things like hooks, needles, spears. -beginning of the first clothing -hunting prime animals: they are not going after the weak ones but the most robust ones! We know this because there are cut marks on the fauna remains for the biggest animal. Mindset of these people: for social display -bigger range of diet: not only hunting animals but also for shellfish, rodent, and plants. -increased use of non-utilitarian-tools for not hunting but for beauty display and arts. Ex. necklaces made out of teeth (1 st time ever seeing this!!!!) -more sites and more types of sites. We still don’t have people building houses but having a landscape you come back to and specialized places you use of the landscape. -for the first time, purposeful burials! A sense of sociality and investing individuals with lots and lots of stuff with burials. Burials with beads and clothes. Symbolism and organization.
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