A Tests should scale well beyond the prior approaches B Unit tests are no

A tests should scale well beyond the prior approaches

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A. Tests should scale well beyond the prior approaches B. Unit tests are no longer required, only end-to-end tests C. Tests should be applied after the release is in the production environment D. Tests should include directly testing the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure Answer: A Explanation: From Scenario: A few of their games were more popular than expected, and they had problems scaling their application servers, MySQL databases, and analytics tools. Requirements for Game Analytics Platform include: Dynamically scale up or down based on game activity Question: 141 Mountkirk Games has deployed their new backend on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You want to create a through testing process for new versions of the backend before they are released to the public. You want the testing environment to scale in an economical way. How should you design the process? A. Create a scalable environment in GCP for simulating production load B. Use the existing infrastructure to test the GCP-based backend at scale C. Build stress tests into each component of your application using resources internal to GCP to simulate load
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